Today every desktop computer we are using uses an operating system either Linux, Unix, or windows. Different people have different preferences when it comes to which OS they are using on their computers. Here in this article, I am going to tell the top 10 reasons why Linux is a better OS than Windows :

1. Linux is an Open Source

Linux is open source OS, so it gives users the power to see how it is operating and what it is happening at the backend. All the source code of the Linux Kernel is freely available to anyone who wants to read. Being an open source you can also customize it accordingly to you or you can edit it.

On the other hand,Windows is maintained by, and licensed to Microsoft.

2. Speed and Optimisation

Linux is pretty light weighted and is pretty fast compared to Windows. Linux takes fewer system resources to do the same things. Linux based systems are fast and stable. No need to defragment the hard disk periodically, it’s the Linux filesystem which places the files in such a way, that there is room for expansion.

On the other hand Windows gets slower down with time.

3. Software Updates 

We all know how frustrating the windows updates can get. But in Linux, there is an Update Manager which updates everything without requiring a reboot, and all the updates (like drivers, the Linux kernel, drivers, VLC, etc) are managed through a single update program. While with Windows, your system files are all updated by MS, but applications usually handle update with their own software.

4. Stability

Windows is less stable than Linux. Latter rarely requires reboot and Linux based servers can run for years without requiring a reboot.

Being an open source Linux has an awesome community support. Any problem that we encounter can be resolved quickly as compared to Windows as each and every problem which you would likely to face is already being solved by any other person. Just post the issue in the community forums and you will get all possible help you needed.

6. Security

Linux is a highly secure operating system. You will mostly need the root access to run any program.

On the other hand Windows is the operating system with the largest user base, especially among novice computer users, it is the primary target for malicious coders. As a result, of all major operating systems, Microsoft Windows is the most likely to be the victim of viruses and malware.

So, the process of package management, the concept of repositories, and a couple more features makes it possible for Linux to be more secure than Windows

7. Customization

In Linux, every desktop component can be easily customized. It offers you heavy customization. You can make almost anything happen in Linux and even their Distros where you can take to an extreme.

8. Linux is free

Linux is free to use and you dont have to pay anything. Its development isn’t bound to any company’s bottom line. There are many free distributions of Linux (like Ubuntu, Fedora) out there.  Even complex applications such as GIMPOpen Office and many more are available for free.

But this is not the case for Windows OS. You have to pay some money to use it.

9. Bloat-ware free

Remember those back-ground processes? Linux requires only a handful to run, and thus you have scads more RAM for your video player, browser, or what have you. So, Linux is Bloat-ware free while on Windows (especially 10) there is a ton of bloatware installed by default that can slow down you pc

10. Command Line

Using the command line in windows is not viable at all. In Linux it’s incredible, users that aren’t keen on using a terminal can use the UI as normal, but many users prefer command lines it can do some things incredibly faster.