What is Wi-Fi Calling and How to turn on/off Wi-Fi calling?

What is Wifi Calling?

Wi-Fi Calling lets you make and receive video and voice calls over a Wi-Fi network connection instead of using your cellular connection. If you have a Wi-Fi connection and are in a place where the phone signal’s a bit patchy, like that niggly spot in the back bedroom or in an area where voice service is weak or unavailable, you can call and text on your phone as normally using Wi-Fi. It’s thanks to a new service called WiFi calling. Now let’s see how to turn it on/off on different OS phones and how much does wifi calling cost :

How to turn off Wi-Fi Calling?

Nowadays every phone either Android or iPhone comes with a feature called Wifi calling. So here I teach you how to turn off Wifi calling

Turn off Wi-Fi calling on Android OS:

  1. Go to Settings of your android phone then
  2. Go to Connections settings
  3. Then tap on Wi-fi Calling
  4. Now Turn Off the Wi-fi calling option on your phone

Turn off Wi-Fi calling on iOS phone :

  1. Go to Settings of your iOS phone then
  2. Tap on Phone settings
  3. Then tap on Wi-Fi Calling
  4. Now Turn Off the Wifi Calling option on your iOS phone

How to turn on WiFi Calling?

On Android devices:

Find Wi-Fi Calling in your phone Settings and turn it on.

Tip : If I am unable to find any setting I just search it on the top search box. It shows me all the searches related to that word.

On iOS phone:

  1. From a Home screen on your iPhone, navigate to Settings >> Cellular.

2. There you will see Wifi Calling option, tap on Wi-Fi Calling.

And here you will go.

How much does Wi-Fi Calling cost?

Voice (Call) Over Wi-Fi is an additional service provided by Service Providers when the user is not in an adequate Network Coverage area. Calls over Wi-Fi are either adjusted in your Calling Plan or charged depending upon your opted plan. If you are having Calling Plan, then it’s free in a way. Please note that Data from your Wi-Fi is consumed so if you are on a limited Data Plan, please use it wisely.