Hello guys today I am going to show you How to Recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android or iOS devices without backup. If you have accidentally deleted your WhatsApp messages and you don’t have a backup of those messages on iCloud, Google Drive, or anywhere else then this is the article for you. In this article, I’m going to show you how to restore deleted WhatsApp messages without backup on iPhone or Android devices so please read this full article and I’ll show everything steps by step.

So let’s begin :

In order to recover deleted WhatsApp messages you are going to need a data recovery software now there are a lot of data recovery software tools out there but today in this article I am going to use a software that will allow you to recover data from both iOS and Android devices and the software is called Dr.Fone-Data Recovery here it says iOS data recovery but you don’t have to adjust install this software into your computer it’s gonna work on both devices. This software is also available for Mac users so just go ahead download and install the software after that open it up as you can see the software’s world’s best content management software specially designed for Android and iOS devices with the software you can do a lot of things like you can recover any kind of deleted files from Android or iOS device which we are going to about in this article. Lets start and take a review of Dr.Fone software.

Features of Dr.Fone software:

  • You can transfer files from your computer to your phone or for to computer
  • It can also transfer data from one phone to another from Pirates to Android or Android to iOS etc.
  • You can backup and restore your phones with this software
  • It can also unlock the pattern or pin code of your Android or iOS devices without losing data.
  • And finally, one of my favorite features of this software is to backup and restore social media apps. Such as you can backup your WhatsApp messages.

How to recover deleted Whatsapp messages iPhone?

In order to recover deleted messages from your WhatsApp account follow these steps:

1). Select and click on the Data Recovery Option from above shown image.

2). Select your device to recover data from the sequence of options. Here it’s giving you two options Recover from an Android device or Recover from an iOS device so I’m gone I’m gonna select recover from the iOS device because I’m going to recover from my iPhone click on it.

3). Now it’s gonna ask you to connect your phone to PC with a USB cable so just go ahead and connect with USB.

4). Now when your phone is connected via USB then you can see for iOS devices, this software is going to give you three options to recover data, the First option is to recover from an iOS device and the other one is recovering from the Pyrus backup file if you have any and the third one is recovering from iCloud backup.

recover deleted message
recover deleted message

5). I’m going to select Recover from an iOS device, after that slick the type of files that you want to recover in my case I’m gonna recover what’s up messages with attachments so I’m just gonna select the Whatsapp & attachments option. (You can choose the option according to which you want to recover).

As you can see with this software you can recover a lot of things like you can recover deleted messages, contacts, call history, photos, videos, and so many stuff as shown in the image.

6). Now Click on start scan and it’s gonna start scanning your phone for deleting WhatsApp messages this may take time depending on how many messages you have deleted.

7). When the scanning process is completed you can see all the WhatsApp messages that were deleted from your iPhone and all the attachments.

8). In order to save them just click on this option to select all then Click on recover to the computer.

recover deleted message

Important – It’s not possible to restore those messages back to the iPhone device because of some Apple’s restriction and they said there is no software that will allow you to restore deleted WhatsApp messages back to your iPhone device. You save them to your computer only.

9). Now once you have click on recover to the computer it is going to ask for the place, now select the place where you want to save these messages

10). Click on recover okay

11). Once the recovery process is completed it’s going to open up the folder automatically as you can see there will be two folders one is WhatsApp in which you will have all your messages and the other one is WhatsApp attachment in which you must have your photos or videos.

How to recover deleted Whatsapp messages android?

The steps to recover deleted Whatsapp are exactly same as shown above for iPhones devices.

If you are recovering from an iOS device this software will give you an option to recover those messages and save them to your computer only but if you are recovering from an Android device you might have options to restore these messages back to your device also.


  • Extremely user friendly
  • Accessible for Windows and Mac.
  • Extensive compatibility
  • Free trial version


  • None that I can think of.

Thats it guys on How you can recover deleted WhatsApp messages from an Android or iOS devices 🙂.

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