Want to record your PC screen but don’t want to install any third-party software? Yes, you can do it very easily.

Many of you like to record the Windows Screen for various activities, (whether you want to make any tutorial or for gaming broadcast) for that, you need to install third-party software which takes up the extra space on your pc or also when it comes to installation of third party software many of you don’t trust on it like me. Right?

So, in this article, I am going to teach you how you can record Windows Screen without installing any third-party software on our PC or by just by using a built- in-tool on Windows.

So let’s get started:


Using the game bar, a built-in-tool that can record, broadcast game but can be also used to record the screen.

Tap on the search bar of the window and search for the “Game bar setting”, and click on it.

  • Game bar settings window screen open in front of you. Make sure Record game clips, screenshots and broadcast using Game bar option is On.
  • Now click Win+G to open the tab like one below.
  • Click on the Start Recording option in the Capture tab as shown above.
  • When you click on the start recording icon, you may get a message saying “Gaming features aren’t available for window desktop or file explorer. To start desktop launch game and then select desktop during your stream setup“. This is because when you are on desktop screen it won’t record the screen, if you don’t want to see this message open your app in the background as I open and then click on Start Recording. If any popup opens just enable the “gaming feature for this app to record gameplay” to make this feature work and there you go.
  • You can also click Win+Alt+R to start the recording directly.