Hello guys, do you know Android Phones is loaded with a feature where you can directly call any number from the Lock Screen without any need of unlocking the mobile phone? Yes, you heard it right. So if you want to know how to make calls without unlocking your phone read this article and you will get your answer.

The feature I am talking about is Emergency call button. This feature might be helpful if you lose your smartphone or you may need to call your family members urgently.

Because in the former situation, if a good person gets your mobile phone, he can call you from Lock Screen without the need of unlocking your device and tell you currently where is your mobile phone so that you can get it back from him. Similarly in the latter condition, you can directly call your family members from the lock screen without unlocking the phone.

Now the question arises in your mind how can we put a few selected numbers on the Lock Screen of my Android smartphone so that other people can call those numbers without unlocking the phone. To get your answer follow the steps below:

How to make a calls without unlocking your phone?

In order to add contact to emergency call list follow the below steps because I am going to tell you How to add contact to emergency call or How to make a calls without unlocking your phone…

1. Lock your mobile phone by pressing the power button.

2. After you lock it, press power button to show Lock Screen. Keep in mind you don’t have to unlock it.

3.Now swipe up to show enter pin or lock code screen where you can type digits or draw a pattern.

4. Tap on Emergency Call button shown on the screen at the bottom.

5. Now you will see the (+) button to add emergency contacts Tap on this button. If you can’t find the (+) plus button, then look for a similar button or Medical Information and tap on it.

6. Now your phone will ask you to unlock. Unlock the phone using your pin, fingerprints, or password.

7. It’ll open Emergency Contacts page. Tap on Edit or Pencil icon to add contacts to the emergency contacts list. Now tap on the Add member button.

Now you can select desired contacts that you want to add as emergency contacts from your phone book. You just have to tap on the desired contact and it’ll be added to the emergency contacts list.

8. Once you select desired contacts, tap on Done button and then on the Save button.

That’s it. You have successfully added contacts to the Emergency List

Now to check lock your smartphone, swipe up on lock screen(don’t unlock the phone), tap on the Emergency call button and you’ll see that selected emergency contacts are showing on the screen. Now from the list shown, anyone can tap on the contacts icons and your phone will call them without any need of unlocking the phone.

Note: Above instructions work on Samsung smartphones. The instructions may vary for other brand mobile phones but the technique is the same.

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