Have you signed up to the countless number of online accounts on your G Mail but you barely log in to half of them?

Every day you use many apps and sites that need your Google account access. And once you signed up using your Google account or your G Mail, you gave these third-party apps and sites to have access to some of your Google account data, including info that may be sensitive. Do you know, you can check the list of these accounts that are linked to your Gmail and remove access for those apps with these simple steps:

So lets begin-

  1. Go the “Manage your Google Account” dashboard on Google.

2. Now on the left you will see Security tab, click on it.

3. Now scroll until you come across ” Third-party apps with account access” and there in the down click on “Manage third-party access” to explore the list.

4. After you hit “Manage third-party access” you can then tap individually apps to remove access of that particular app or to disconnect them from your google account.

These are the simple four steps you can follow and save your sensitive data from being leaked by these third party apps that you no longer trust or use.

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