WhatsApp the most popular messaging app lets you create your personal chat link to share with your friends and with any person. I think most of you know how to create the group invitation link, if you don’t know please click here to see, but most of you are not aware that you can create your personal WhatsApp link and share this link with your friends and start chatting with them.

See below the format of the link you have to use to create any WhatsApp chat link :

https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=(your phone number)

Notice your must use the country code before your phone number.

Let’s begin:

Suppose you want to create a chat link for an Indian WhatsApp number like 9876543210 then you should use ” 91 ” (by checking above in the country code) as country code before your phone number so above link will something like this


If you are using a browser to access the above link then you should click on the CONTINUE TO CHAT WhatsApp opens in front of you.

Send Messages along with chat

If you want to send any mseesage along with chat link then append this

&text=(your message here)

to the above mentioned format and you are able to send message too.

How to send messages to any phone number in WhatsApp without saving it to your Contacts List

Are you fed up of saving any number to your contact list before sending any messages to unknown number or your Contacts list seems to be very big full of unknown number which you text once on WhatsApp? I know you are!!

Then here I am going to tell you the simple trick you should try to send message to unknown number without saving it in your contact list :

Just visit your browser (any browser) and type the above mentioned url that is

https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=(unknown phone number)

Its open the window prompt, then click on CONTINUE TO CHAT