Group chat is common in Whatsapp and adding member to the group is cumbersome task to do if we have to add bunch of people. So Whatsapp offers you to create group invitation link to add people.

In this tutorial I show you how you can create a invitation link for any Whatsapp group and share this link to add more people to that group.

You can create group invitation in two ways: simple text link or QR code invitation

So lets start :

  1. Open you Whatsapp and open the group for which you want to create invitation link. Now at the top of the screen click on the Whatsapp group name.

2. Now scroll until you see the “Invite via link” option. Click on it.

3. A screen opens where you will see bunch of option like “Send link via Whatsapp” , “Share link” etc. You can copy this link too and share where you want like twitter, messenger, facebook, messaging app etc.

How to generate QR code for Whatsapp group invitation

Whatsapp also offers you to create QR code option to generate group invitaion link as many people like this. You can print QR code via Whatsapp and share this QR code.

Now hit the menu button (or three dots on the top right) on the same screen shown in step number 3 above. A print to QR code option is pop, select this option.

A screen is open now you save QR code as PDF in your device or you can take screenshot and share this QR to generate invitation for your Whatsapp group.

In this way you can create whatsapp group link 🙂