Best Smartphones Photography Tips and Tricks

Best Smartphones Photography Tips and Tricks
Best Smartphones Photography Tips and Tricks

There was a time when photography meant a camera. Taking a good photo is the labour intensive process. But in the last few years, the best smartphones have come on the market, which does amazing photography. Even DSLRs fill the water ahead of them. With a smartphone and the editing apps, we can now take high-quality images and almost everyone are photographers today. But by following some tips and tricks, you can further improve your photography passion and it helps you to become smart photographer.

Best Smartphones Photography Tips and Tricks on Smartphone

  • Many times during the shoot the photo gets burnt, for this, tap on the brightest part of the screen after the frame is created. This will balance the exposure and give good results. You can also adjust exposure to dark or bright.
  • Use the contrast background while taking photos of your friends or family. This will improve the quality of the photo. If there is no contrast around, then sit on your knees and try to follow the sky.
  • Before shooting, clean the camera lens with a cotton cloth. Failure to clean the lens leads to blurry of photos. Many times, lifting the phone directly after eating something brings oil marks or fingerprints over the lens. When the lens remains clean the photo.
  • The sun should be behind you during an outdoor shoot, this will provide good light on the face and subject. Take care of the light source even during indoor shooting. Avoid lighting in front of the frame. If not possible, use the silhouette effect.
  • Use portrait mode only when there is only one subject in front. If there are many people in the group, do not use this mode. Because it can cause someone’s shoulder or someone’s hair to blur. In Portrait mode only click flowers, animals, or other things.
  • Use black or white frames during shooting, it will look better than any color photograph.
  • While shooting a video of a stationary object, shoot in slow motion and move towards the subject. This can create a 3D effect.

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